Enrollment Procedures

To begin the registration and enrollment process, a parent or guardian will need ALL of the following documents from the list below:

  1. parent/guardian's photo ID (proof of residency #1)

  2. a current utility bill showing parent/guardian name and address (dated within the last 60 days) (proof of residency #2)

  3. a mortgage statement or a lease if you rent (or a letter from a housing office) (proof of residency #3)

  4. your child's birth certificate

  5. your child's most recent physical and immunization report (must be from within the last 12 months) - this can be faxed from their doctor’s office to 413-776-1685 if you don't have a copy at home

  6. if applicable, copies of any legal/court documentation (i.e. sole custody, legal guardianship, restraining orders, name changes, adoption, etc.)

Once these documents are ready, the parent or guardian must fill out the applicable application or registration form below and make a registration appointment with North Adams Public Schools Student Records Specialist by calling 413-776-1673 or via email at Note: clear photos of the documents above may be emailed on a single email thread instead of presenting them in person.

The student’s start date at the school will be one week after registration has been completed for students in grades K-6 and two weeks after registration has been completed for students in grades 7-12. Registration will have been completed once all documentation has been received by the Student Records Specialist and the parent or guardian has met with the Student Records Specialist in person or via phone conference. This will allow time for the schools to receive records from sending schools, review assessment data, arrange transportation at the district level, create the student’s schedule, and provide notice to the teachers. 

A home language survey will be completed by the Student Records Specialist in collaboration with the parent or guardian at the time of registration.

There will be additional school-specific forms for the parent/guardian to fill out at their child’s school once registration has been completed.

If you have any difficulty completing any of the required forms below or have any questions about the registration process, contact the Student Records Specialist.

Application and Registration Forms

Click the buttons below to access our registration forms:

PreK Application:

The PreK application is open to students who have turned 3 years old or 4 years old and reside in North Adams. PreK applications will be accepted based on open slots available. For a slot during the school year, please contact us one (1) month prior to your student turning 3 or 4.

(Spanish Translated) Pre-Kindergarten Application

Additional Information Needed for PreK Applicants:

Includes development history and background

Kindergarten Registration:

Students who have turned 5 years old by August 31st)

(Spanish Translated) Kindergarten Registration

Grades 1-12 Registration:

Additional Information

Records Release:

Required for all applicants who have attended any public or private school previously

School Choice Application:

Required for all K-12 applicants who reside in another school district – School Choice not available for PreK)

If you any questions regarding School Choice, contact the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.