Greylock students in grades K-5 visit the library weekly. During their visits, they are encouraged to select a book from our library for their reading pleasure at home. They are also allotted some time to begin reading their selection during their library time. Our librarian talks with students about our selected author of the month shares a story with students by that author and concludes with a follow-up activity that is linked to the story.

Students in grades 6 and 7 can access the library upon request. They too are more than welcome to select a book for their reading pleasure. These students do not have an assigned library class, as we are busy teaching them how to utilize technology to support their research and our 6/7 English Language Arts program consists of reading many different books that are assigned and provided by the classroom teacher throughout the school year.

Whether your child is accessing books from our school library or the classroom, we are proud to inform you that Greylock students are learning to read and reading to learn!