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What is the LINCS Center?

The LINCS Parent Center is a program that provides resources to parents in order to assist them in being a part of their child's education. The main Center is located in Brayton Elementary, with services provided to Brayton, Greylock and Sullivan Elementary Schools.  The LINCS Parent Center is funded by Title I.

The mission of the LINCS Parent Center is to develop a firm, collaborative partnership through which schools, families, and the community share the responsibility for the education and well being of our children.

Many years of research have shown that a positive school/home partnership contributes greatly to a student having the best school experience possible. In the North Adams Public Schools, we encourage all of our students' families to become partners in their child's education.

What LINCS does:

• Publishes the monthly school newsletter

• Keeps parents informed of their rights and responsibilities in their child’s education

• Makes parents aware of workshops or presentations at the schools or in the community

• Plans family night activities

• Provides assistance for families looking for a resource within our schools or community

• And much more!