Greylock Elementary School

December's Theme -- Resilient

December’s Theme


In our goal to EMPOWER ALL LEARNERS, the third R of our 3 Rs is resilient (resiliency).  We want to create RESILIENT LEARNERS at Greylock School and are committed to fostering resiliency in our students. 

RESILIENT learners can:

  • I can finish what I start by learning from the challenges I experience.
  • I can ask for help when I need it.
  • I can help others in a positive way when they need it.
  • I can be present with my body, my heart and my mind to learn.
  • I can take risks to help me learn.

Even for our elementary learners, it is important to build and foster resiliency skills. These skills are so valuable as students mature and face the challenges of our complex world.

Think about ways that children can build resiliency at home and in their other activities.