Greylock Elementary School

October's Theme -- Respectful!!!

October Theme


RESPECTFUL is being considerate, courteous, appreciative, gracious, polite, well-mannered, civil, humble … What a GREAT list of words!

This year, as we look to EMPOWER ALL LEARNERS, this concept of respectful is one of our 3 Rs.  We expect all learners to be respectful.


  • I can learn as part of a community by taking care of myself, others and materials.
  • I can demonstrate empathy and the power of a genuine apology.
  • I can learn as part of a community with members that have differing opinions, cultures, likes and dislikes.
  • I can recognize when someone needs assistance and support them.
  • I can listen, encourage, lead and be helpful to create a positive learning environment.

What are your expectations for respectful children at home? Discuss this often with your child.